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Can you even read? You completely missed my point. Have another drink.
Michelle is really a woman to be admired. One look at the most recent pictures of her shows that in the short time since the Vogue cover photo was taken, the stylish toned First Lady has completely changed hair, facial structure, and body-type, everything. For mere mortals, that transformation would have required a wig and every photo-shopping trick in the book. Not for Mrs. Obama, the First Lady America had Always Been Waiting For!
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BET Founder Slams Black Unemployment Rate

JJoe Wrote: Mar 31, 2013 7:42 PM
A large portion of the country does indeed tolerate 15% unemployment. Anybody who can count and actually knows how a percentage-rate is calculated can see that the Obama labor department just alters the numbers until they come up with an unemployment rate that doesn't look too-too bad. His media cheers him on. Republicans cower in fear. And the over-50% of this country that is dumber than hell re-elects Obama in the face of the worst economic recovery in US history.
The Juan Williams's of the world are the ones who infuse everything with race. So, why shouldn't whites have the right to say: "Gun control will keep me from being able to defend myself from bad guys who are white, black, Asian, Mexican... whatever!" That's the issue. These elitist hypocrites, with their disgusting protected butts in DC, New York and Hollywood, decrying access to guns, make me sick. The human debris who gun down innocent children are the logical result of the culture and mindset that these DC/NY/Hollywood scum have created. It is the truth.
Just "playing ball" and accepting "how the word works" is what has gotten us where we are today. Imagine how the ballgame would change and how much better the world would work if we had just half a dozen or so articulate, telegenic, spirited Republican leaders in both the Senate and House. Instead we have these mumbling, pathetic laughing stocks, nice guys though they may be.
Perfect illustration of what is wrong with Republicans. Senator McConnel seems like a nice man, but it is time to go. He is dull, inarticulate and untelegenic. He should not be the face of the Republican senate! Appearances matter. His double-chin and mumbling voice are unrecoverable handicaps, especially when he chooses the typical non-confrontational, go-along Republican demeanor which has gotten the Republicans where they are today. If he were a fighter, his short-comings would be overshadowed, but he is not. Please retire Senator McConnell, and take McCain with you.
On which issue exactly is McCain NOT the go-to Republican to help Democrats? I hate to wish McCain any personal ill, but if only something would cause that yellow-toothed old troll to retire. Then the conservative voters of Arizona could get a Ted Cruz-like senator in there. And the media would lose their favorite conservative-Republican-who's-not.
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Behind Obama's Falling Economic Poll Numbers

JJoe Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 10:05 PM
The US economy has been slowed by the piles of unsold Vogue magazines with Michelle Obama's photo on the cover. One can image Vogue executives exclaiming "Oh, the curse the fly-over riff-raff who know a ridiculously photo-shopped picture when they see it!" You mean Michelle doesn't have a long, thin face? And, so what if the laughably fake wig has gone a bit too far. It could be the water in the White House that has resulted in straight, silky-smooth hair and a low hairline with bangs falling forward. She truly is an icon for young women to emulate!
Is Patty Murray an ugly troll, or what? Perfect Democrat woman standard-bearer.
The perfect Democrat standard-bearer. Dumb as a bag of hammers. You realize most Obama voters and journalists hear her stupid question, and exclaim "Right on! Good question!"
Why should they cut back? They certainly don't have the class or dignity to do it themselves. And no on is going to call them on it. They have successfully shrouded themselves in a blanket of "Any criticism of us, especially criticism of our extravagance at taxpayer's expense, is Racist." Their obese, tatooed, food-stamp fueled, ignorant voters and knee-pad media cheer them on.
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