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Behind Obama's Falling Economic Poll Numbers

JJoe Wrote: Mar 24, 2013 10:05 PM
The US economy has been slowed by the piles of unsold Vogue magazines with Michelle Obama's photo on the cover. One can image Vogue executives exclaiming "Oh, the curse the fly-over riff-raff who know a ridiculously photo-shopped picture when they see it!" You mean Michelle doesn't have a long, thin face? And, so what if the laughably fake wig has gone a bit too far. It could be the water in the White House that has resulted in straight, silky-smooth hair and a low hairline with bangs falling forward. She truly is an icon for young women to emulate!

According to the NYT's 538 blog, President Obama'sa popular advantage over Republicans on the economy has basically evaporated (

There are a number of plausible reasons for this development, as the post points out, and some of them are innocuous. But there's a big potential reason, that -- not surprisingly -- goes politely unmentioned.

Could it be than, in the aftermath of his sequester overreach, many Americans simply no longer believe President Obama's explanations when it comes to the economy? I think that's entirely possible, but there's more to it even than that.  Every day the sequester drags on and...