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Why Tax-payers SHOULD Compensate Stay-At-Home Moms

JJKdutch Wrote: Apr 15, 2012 8:29 AM
You gotta be kidding, we shouldn't even have welfare mothers. Where is the responsibility for one's self, one's own actions. Rosen is a stupid homosexual that no man in his right mind would have any thing to do with, which is why. And to top that off some moron judge gave them kids, talk about child abuse. Good bet the judge was a homo too. Cultural engineering from the left sucks.

The left has shown its blatant disrespect for stay-at-home moms in recent days. One woman who had never naturally given birth to a child, ridiculed another who had given birth to five as, "never having worked a day in her life." What followed was massive amounts of posterior covering, but alas Hilary Rosen had let slip off her lips what the left--and militant feminists everywhere--have believed for the better part of my life time.

Yet underneath all the back-and-forth of what women truly deserve--to be respected versus who someone who isn't--another issue began to evolve.

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