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Team Obama's Brother Sharpton Moment

JJKdutch Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 8:17 AM
Sharpton has been sucking the blood and money out of the black community for decades, when will they wise up? He loves to march, well tell that racist SOB to march his worthless lying a-- out of here and back to where he says his his roots are. Better for all!
Well said, and Raul, you could not be more foolish. Raul the fool!
By law exec. privilege means Obama is involved!
Don't hold your breath!
oops, "ten years"
Those conversations went by the way side when they, the left, started all this cultural engineering in our schools. Like Hitler said, give me your childrens minds for ten tears and I'll own this country, and he did and they died. Look what's coming!
You gotta be kidding, we shouldn't even have welfare mothers. Where is the responsibility for one's self, one's own actions. Rosen is a stupid homosexual that no man in his right mind would have any thing to do with, which is why. And to top that off some moron judge gave them kids, talk about child abuse. Good bet the judge was a homo too. Cultural engineering from the left sucks.
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