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The Nays Have it … Oh, Never Mind

jjernigan Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 9:01 AM
Almost every Dem convention speaker reminds us of the 18 times that Obama has cut taxes on small business. Eventhough I read, listen, and look at the news everyday, somehow I missed learning about all those tax cuts. Please enlighten me folks.
You're so right, and I cringe when I hear his opponents and pundunts say that Obama is a nice man, but his politics are just different from ours. Even Romney and Ryan say this. Obama is not a nice man. He may be a nice man to Putin, H Chavez, Castro, N Korea, Iran and the rest of the freaks in the world, but he is not a nice man to want to put my children under communism and sharial law. All you need to do is just listen to the words that come out of his mouth to see that he is a Communist, Socialists, Dictator and also a Muslim.
Yea! That is the same kind of dumb thinking that causes them to search Gramma's and the baby's diaper while a terrorist is allowed to pass free.
You are just tooo far gone. Illegals should not be here.....What is it about ILLEGAL that you idiots can't get through your thick skull. They are a multi billion dollar drain on our economy. If you like illegals, invite a family into your home. Feed, house, clothe and provide for their medical care out of your own pocket. But NO, you think that it is "other peoples" responsibility to pay the bill for the illegals.
I wonder about the sanity of the person who would ask such a dumb question. All we have to do to stop the illegal flow is to make it unlawful (Oops! already is) to hire an illegal. Then, pass laws to make it illegal to rent to an illegal, let an illegal get utilities or buy transportation. Make it very expensive to break these laws. If they can't get work, food, autos, free medical care and Anchor baby status, they will leave and then the welfare (able bodied) receipients would become fruit pickers and tator diggers. The writer, I'm replying to, should ask himself, "How does Mexico stop illegal imigration"? They don't have millions of illegals. They have the balls to deal with the issue before it becomes a problem.
Who is investing in whose future?? Who are those mean ole' people that's doing all those gotach;s, anyway? From what you said, I don't know who to actually hate.
He who calls himself a King.. You were doing alright until you lumped the Tea Party Republicans in with your rant. Listen very closely. The Tea party does not carry the "Republican" label. The Tea Party, does describe itself as Conservative, and are (peacefully) striving to promote replacement of liberal Dems and moderate establishedment Repubs with people who aren't "bought" yet and will try todo something about the situations you expouse about. Know your stuff before showing your ignorance, next time. Stay away for the kool aid. Tea (3 bags) is a most refreshing drink.
Word is out that Reid is a perverted old gay man, who wears diapers. All I have to do is just say it and it's true. Isn't that right, Harry?
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