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As Unauthorized Amnesty Begins, No Safeguards in Place to Prevent Fraud

jjernigan Wrote: Aug 23, 2012 9:03 AM
You're so right, and I cringe when I hear his opponents and pundunts say that Obama is a nice man, but his politics are just different from ours. Even Romney and Ryan say this. Obama is not a nice man. He may be a nice man to Putin, H Chavez, Castro, N Korea, Iran and the rest of the freaks in the world, but he is not a nice man to want to put my children under communism and sharial law. All you need to do is just listen to the words that come out of his mouth to see that he is a Communist, Socialists, Dictator and also a Muslim.
The unlegislated Obama amnesty for illegal aliens under 30 begins August 15 as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) begins accepting applications for “deferred action” and work authorization. Initially, the White House estimated that about 800,000 illegal aliens would be covered under this amnesty, when the policy was first announced in June. That figure that was immediately disputed by the Pew Hispanic Center, which estimated about 1.4 million beneficiaries. In the interim, the goal posts were moved (in favor of the illegal aliens, of course) and the latest estimate from the pro-amnesty Migration Policy Institute is that 1.76 million illegal aliens...