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Cello Notes

JJd Wrote: Feb 19, 2013 10:48 AM
Ms. Charen, I read your article with a big smile - I can totally relate to your story! I took up violin at age 57 and took lessons for 3 years. I have tried playing piano (lessons for a year) and guitar - my husband can play just about anything he touches and encourages me constantly. I am a vocalist, have been singing semi-professionally for over 30 years and from what my mother told me, would entertain our family singing at dancing at holiday events at age 3. I love the sound of the violin since it is so close to the human voice and like you, found it quite challenging to play. But I had a great teacher for two years, a prodigy himself playing since the age of 3, and I advanced rather quickly as well. Keep playing!
Seized by some peculiar muse (clearly one with a sense of humor), I have undertaken to learn the cello in middle age. To the amazement of my teacher, my family and myself, I've made incredibly rapid progress. Displaying a fluidity and musicianship that cannot be taught, I burned through the early books and went straight to repertoire that is usually the province of advanced players.

Well, no actually, except for the part about trying to learn the cello. It's been 18 months now, and I'm plugging away, attempting to force my hands, arms, body, but mostly my brain, to do things...

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