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even better ? what the hell is a high capacity clip??? The biggest clip I have ever seen or even heard about is a 10 round sks clip. They don't come in any other size then a 10 rounder as far I'm aware. Oh wait we talking gun grabbing liberals who dont know a clip from mag or the difrance between full auto from semi auto. and any gun that is black is an assault weapon to them. even tho assault weapons have been federally outlawed along with sawed off shot guns in the 1930's Even tho the gun grabbers try to make it out like you can buy em in any corner store or vending machine. ya know right next to the mortars bazookas and hand grenades. These retards also go around calling a .223 round a large caliber and High powered lol
Well he cant be allowing guns to be used for good or else they would not be able to use the opportunity to grab our guns. if the principle had a gun and stopped any of the gunman. Bloomburg would be right back to were he was the frustrating day that it came out that the 19 bystanders shot in front of Rockefeller plaza this summer were all shot by police that just sprayed and prayed as they shot any random person that moved. and only one person was shot by the gun man. And bloomburg had to cancel is press conference to call for banning all guns.
I'm surprised this retard didn't say oh but if she had a gun She might of missed on her first shot kidded a innocent by stander by mistake. You know like the cops that killed 19 bystanders in front of Rockefeller center over the summer after a gunman killed one person he had a grudge against over a wok dispute.. OPPS oh wait they dint even so much as say opps or woops or even sorry. Instead they just had to cancel all the gun grabber press conferences and put away there red carpet till some better opportunity came along to try to use to grab guns from responsible law abiding citizens. Tho he really should of just been honest and said "Ya but if she had a gun and stopped him. We would not be able to use it to grab guns.
There panicking so bad they cant even cope. Esp when they arnt selling the false idea as good as they hoped that a lot of Americans are in support of gun restrictions. NOT even a tiny percentage are. If one were to actually take a look at the numbers. when every! single anti gun petition online combined has just a bit over 100k signatures and most of them are repeat signers that used fake names and emails to sing more then once and many signed more then one petition. SO in reality anti gunners are probably a smaller minority in the us then cross eyed Hispanic midgets. Not that theres any thing wrong with cross eyed Hispanic midgets just saying there's probably more of them then there are thos in favor of more gun control.
BTW whats your point????? any unskilled person with a hack saw can also hack saw off the barrel on a shot gun and make a sawed off shot gun. Which is illegal to do and illegal to own. and its covered under the same law that outlawed machine guns in the 1930's without a tax transfer stamp each time the gun is transferred. BTW in that case the supreme court ruled they could limit ones constitutional rights to arms when it came to sawed off shot guns because they could not reasonable see a sawed off shot gun having much military use or value to have to fend off tyrannical goverment forces. so its not covered by the 2nd Which is president that proves and confirms the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting or personal self defense.
Not legally you cant. Even attempting to modify a gun to full auto will get you a few years in prison if caught or in possession of it. IF you knew any thing about gun smiting you would also know it against the law for anyone thats not a gun smith to make ANY modifications or repairs on any gun that don't belong to them. no ifs ands or butts about it. if a tool touches the gun its considered gun smiting. Its the reason a jeweler or engraver is no longer even allowed to make some one fancy hand grips, gold or silver plate a gun or even engrave it. Unless they are also a licensed gun smith.
what is this blithering idiot talking about???? Theres not one gun show in America or store that one can buy a machine gun. and what the frig is he babbling about heavy weapons then talks about James homes. a heavy weapon has to be larger then a 50 cal or else it considered small arms. By no means could ar15 be considered a heavy weapon. not even close. and were is he getting this number 65,000 rounds from that he keeps mentions saying james holmes had 65k rounds bla bla bla. 6500 rounds of ammo is what the cops are saying he had. And if o'riely had a clue he would know its already against the law to posses more then 10,000 rounds of ammo for any gun. and when ever you buy case of 1,000 rounds on line its gets reported to the ATF
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