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Will Republicans Ever Win the Presidency Again?

jimwg2 Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 11:46 AM
There's really no political way to fix the problem now. We got trounced not because of any "bad" candidate but because over decades we've allowed a population to grow intellectually lazy and ignorant of history and almost contemptuous of the work ethic and religion. This train was going to crash like this sooner or later and Obama was the perfect storm for it and he and the slanted school system will help seal this entitlement culture in stone. Unless you can invigorate the masses with self-respect, civic pride and self-reliance, the only thing that will make them turn the slightest Conservative (of any stripe) is to dish them the same ice cream Dems have for generations. It's an evil quandary and uniquely too late.
Rochesternative Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 3:48 PM
I agree. As I said on Ransom's thread yesterday it has to be up to the conservatives to teach the young. We need summer camps, school vacation camps, clubs, whatever to teach our kids what they are NOT learning in school. That is, WHAT made America great, WHY we have a Constitution and HOW we have to protect our freedoms. That said, it needs to be fun and FREE. So we need some rich patriots to step up to the plate. If WE don't capture this generation's heart and minds IT'S OVER, and the fat lady will have sung. (umm umm umm Barack Hussain Obama)
Rochesternative Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 3:51 PM
AND a lot of this needs to be in urban areas. That is where the FREE needs to take place.
In the aftermath of the reelection of the worst president since James Buchanan, the question must be asked. Clearly, the Republican Party is on the downswing. But why?

There are two easy answers. Neither of them is correct. The first answer is advanced by proponents of liberalism. They say that the 2012 election was an ideological election, the seminal, long-awaited decision of the American public to fully embrace their inner socialists. This argument posits that Mitt Romney was an extreme conservative, Barack Obama was an extreme liberal, and the American people cast their lot with the liberal.

That argument is incorrect. As...