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When is the media -- even Fox -- going to GET IT? These kids are not poor abandoned kids dumped our border -- they are ANCHORS here to reel in their relatives who will be recruited as citizens into the Mass Democrat Voter Registration Drive. By sheer numbers Conservatives will be toast evermore. Will we have to lose the country and be left scratching our heads wondering why before we GET IT??
This person would mean NOTHING to me except that it just grates me when her ilk are called up to Congressional Committees -- and influencing policy -- as "EXPERTS"! !
"What the hell is the point of voting on a proposition at the state level if the gov can overrule it thru a federal judge?!!!" Nail on the head squared! I guess we're in the post-politic world of the pen and the phone.
She would be a NOTHING to me except that it royally gets my goat when her ilk are repeatedly called up to address Congressional committees as "experts". Hey Fox & Company, __enough_ inviting celebrities on to lure people to watch REAL news, please!
Spineless pols are losing us the country. Conservatives ONLY hope is forget saving whole nation and concentrate on defacto Balkanization by buttressing and preserving Red States as conservative and moral enclaves against lib fed action. The libs shouldn't complain; they already have most the county in pop culture.
Super Nail On The Head! You won't hear THAT on MSNBC!!! (to mention one Obama sycophant)
Can't ship these heart-bait anchor kids back home till they reel their relatives up across the border to enter the Mass Democrat Voter Registration Drive!
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The Petulant President

jimwg2 Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 7:27 PM
Re: "The United States is strong enough to survive even the amount of damage one petulant man determined to destroy it can inflict. " Does that include weaning people off the entitlement mentality?
When are black people in America going get hip and know that supporting Dems & MSNBC's and Sharptoon's endorsement of their Massive Democrat Voter Registration Drive below the border is only going to end up driving blacks out of entry and mid-level jobs and into more welfare? The big dirty secret is that many employers regard Hispanics as being more "reliable" workers than blacks, something black all should've sensed long ago. At least black Americas don't send their earning out of the country!
These are not children to the Democrats. They are intended as heart-tugging anchors brought here to reel in their relatives south of the border for the Massive Democrat Voter Registration Drive. It's not rocket science.
Bad enough this along with the massive DVRD (Democrat Voter Registration Drive) along our southern border, but worst is there are SO few politicians with gonads to voice this!!
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