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Conservatives are almost on the Titanic it seems. Technically I suppose Romney would make a capable POTUS, but like the failed GOP candidate before him who didn't have the fire in his belly to go after Obama the first time around for fear of being called racist, I have to wonder whether Romney would seriously go hard after a Dem candidate who happened to be a woman. He's too image and media conscious of that I fear. This next prez election is do or die for Conservatives now. A new Dem prez will seal in stone the socialism and immorality Obama's alreadly sown.
What might likely happen is ISIS will wisen up and totally conduct all its operations under human shields. Will the US bomb a school or hospital or marketplace where ISIS has a HQ, or bomb a bus carrying both kids and terrorists making their rounds? Boots on the ground is the only way ro clean that out.
What is wrong with black America??? Don't they have a clue that going along with Obama & Dems "immigration policy" will only throw many them out of basic jobs and on the welfare rolls?? They're already losing to Hispanics big time in cities! When are they going to grow up and say no to their Dem masters?? And a pox on FoxNews for blacklisting Michelle Malkin off their network!
Red States are the last bastions of conservatism and tradition and morality in this gradually balkanized nation and to risk their sovereignty just to placate libs or for a Prez bid is suicidally irresponsible.
Unless Hamas and its supporters renounce its denial of Israel's existance, for Israel to "sit at the table" with them just for a PC peace photo-op makes as much sense as a Praying Mantis marriage. For the clueless, Google praying mantis mating rituals.
Hillary will walk right in if Conservatives don't get their act together and cohere behind a leader who has the stats to win out there, not play one's fave pet. I am VERY concerned of mass defections of Conservative-leaning women to see a first woman prez in Hillary, like libs took the jump to back Obama's chance at history. What Obama didn't finish or set in concrete Hillary will set in stone. Conservatives will never recover in our grandkid's lifetimes. Bad as Obama is, we haven't seen a lib conversion of out country and values till Hillary gets in. Please don't repeat what happened in '08-'12 with the sour-grapes stay-at-home thing! You can't go home to a has-been nation.
It's called derangement. This guy hasn't the mental capacity much less guts to sit before a Fox interview with O'Reilly or Carter.
That 43% result is skewed if you take into account the % of black voters who'd vote for him no matter what. That's 95% of the total black vote in his pocket. Deduct that solid block and you get a truer tally of his mainstream popularity.
Actually that figure is very "positively" skewed for Obama if you don't delete his 95% solid "vote black no matter what" black voting block from poll totals. I'd venture his real disapproval numbers then are in the high 80s at least.
The Gaza neighborhoods could've spared themselves lots of grief with an anon letter to the Israelis squealing on a tunnel being dug down the street. Don't tell me nobody in the vicinities knows such is going on. They're now royally paying for their silence. Sure, it's a brutal price and solution, but then count on one hand the # of countries who'd just grin and bear it for months while 2,000 missiles are raining all over your towns and cities. Not many I think!
What most people and almost all reporters don't understand is that a state of non-war ISN'T "peace". We shouldn't raise kids into thinking that just because people aren't shooting at another that there's a state of "peace". Ask any ex-Iron Curtain country whether they had 50 years of "peace".
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