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Interesting that you post your thesis on the Internet, probably the single most important tool the public has to fight tyranny. The power brokers have lost control of the message. Maybe you haven't noticed Obama's skid in the polls.
I forget. Was there an affirmative action program for the Irish? How did they become so successful without AA?
So, why the need for Affirmative Action? Sounds like you are arguing with yourself.
So, Dr. King was a Social Justice, Marxist too. Who knew? Thanks for sharing.
PH, I think you have difficulty dealing with facts.
Political Historian, I think you are missing the point and living in the past? This is 2014, not 1960. Is there quantitative analysis that Affirmative Action leads to long term minority success? What is the drop out rate for Affirmative Action recipients? What rate at which minorities attend college vs the population as a whole? And how about that debt that students pile on their backs? Or does Affirmative Action just make you feel good?
You are a great American!
Lois, you are still a fool! Pay for your own birth control. Please!!
Don't be so cynical. SCOTUS has delivered a number of defeats to the Obozo-Adminstration regarding religious freedom. The facts are there. Religious Freedom suites are eviscerating whats left of Obama-care.
I think she has Christians confused with Muslims.
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