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You sure? They may be headed to Colorado for that legal weed. Bongs are lighting up in the libtard-verse.
Liberals must be in a state of apoplexy. So sad.
The Obama Administration at this point is either stubbornly ineffectual or completely incompetent. What? POTUS has never been up to the job! He is just another "wild-eyed Marxist" without a clue. He does put the whole Left and their hopeless agenda in clear focus. Jimmy Carter is smiling though
If you gave that question any serious thought, understanding our terminology in a Federal System you would realize the answer is clearly NO!
Arrogant Academic gets involved in Politics, gets burned to a crisp.... and then lies like a cheap rug in attempt to salvage his image. Priceless!
IIIbay, you are in the weeds, like everyone arguing for impeachment......why not think at 30K feet instead of sea level?
Right on!
Why would anyone seriously want to impeach Obama (today) while he is doing such an effective job destroying the Democrat Party? Why make him a sympathetic figure, a victim? Focus on taking the Senate in 2014 and the Oval in 2016.
Leading from behind is an Orwellian way of saying "What, me Lead? I don't know anything about leadership. I am an armchair leader."
It is very difficult for a pathological liar to remember all of his lies.
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