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My thoughts exactly!
If I were D' Souza, I would turn this whole experience into another blockbuster documentary about heavy-handed, corrupt government under The One.
Obama and his idiot henchmen are stuck in a 20th Century Time Warp.
The real world b!*ch slaps Obama.
It is kinda late, but at least the American Population is finally waking up to this imposter.
I stand with Andrea T. AAJA can pound sand, or salt, whatever the case may be.
So, what (Democrat) special interest group will be the beneficiary of DiBlasio's largess?
Translation; History repeats itself.
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Will NATO End With a Whimper?

Jim Weber Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 7:30 AM
You might change your mind if you had read Red Storm Rising.
Blue States are foreign countries. Missionaries should go forth and spread the word to the heathen Marxists amongst us.
If this report is a surprise, you are obviously a Democrat, and therefore an idiot.
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