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That is what the media want us to believe. Quit spewing your idiotic propaganda.
Is someone preventing you from this? Your post is little more than off topic spam.
Dear MaxUnderer; do you dispute this information as being not factual? Or is it that it just isn't relevant to you? If it is the latter, it speaks volumes about your warped mind? So, which is it, genius?
The naive and stupid genes run rampant in the DNA of Democrats.
This is another video that must be run ad nasium along with Gruber's as a response to every libtard post.
:-) roger that!
Indeed, he will become a sympathetic figure. He is marginalizing himself now. Let him continue. His hubris is taking the Progs down with him. Stay out of his way while he destroys the Progressives. Work on the margins, stay focused on 2016.
Some people like watching a train wreck. Why else would anyone watch Sgt. Schultz?
I wonder if good ole Bernard realizes that he sold his soul to support a corrupt agenda. He is totally corrupt.
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