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Anthony Weiner Has A New Job

Jim Weber Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 7:41 AM
Anything that Weiner would write on business would be unintentional satire.
Jason, spoken like a true Marxist. Jeez you are a dull blade.
Your last line said it all.
If Fox News is smart, and we all know they are (yes libtards notwithstanding your jaundiced views) they will sign this lady immediately.
I guess the court of public opinion is more powerful than the Federal Court. The Obama Adm does the right thing, for once!
Obama's tidal wave of failure continues to build. How is that hopey changey thingy working out for you now, Libbeys?
Typical of Libs; talk a good game, but no follow through.
Why can't you stay on topic, Troll?
Harry, with so many options for contraception, why are there so many unwanted pregnancies. Does legal abortion have the perverse effect of making couples irresponsible, like so many other liberal social safety net programs? You really should put down the Kool-Aid and begin thinking for yourself.
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