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Wow, Thinkprogress and MoveOn really have made their mark. The hive mind is a terrible thing......
How 'bout you secede?
You are both wrong......
Well, you have given the typical thinkprogress, leftist, cut and paste talking point. In fact, the program should be abolished, is that what you are advocating? "Why do I get the feeling that this Republican-controlled Congress will be adept at redistributing wealth from the bottom-up?".....????????? And Dems were in control in 2007. http://reason.com/archives/2012/11/12/fema-welfare-masquerading-as-disaster-re
1. TARP was paid off, with a small profit 2. Stimulous has not been paid off and will never be paid off, it was a giveaway 3. about 200 billion of TARP (Bush) was paid back during Obama administration, thus counts as a plus on his ledger The mental gymnastics of the Left always leave us with a muddle of inconsistency and falsehood..
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