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Corbett, I do not believe for one second that Pelosi has a pro-life bone in her body. She uses the Church as cover!!
Look where we are right now. If the current path is continued I will be able to use Hillary's line "at this point what difference does it make". The reason there is such a war against the 2nd amendment by the left is that they understand if they accomplish their goal and we have anarchy they are finished, they are outnumbered by the right where it really matters. I would much rather be able to stop them in their tracks using the power of numbers in congress.
While abortion is an extremely important issue to me I have to agree here. If we do not win elections it will not matter, we will not be able to affect change. If we can win the war we will be able to right the wrongs perpetrated in past battles.
70+% is not wrong as far as what polling shows.
The system has not failed, individuals in management have failed and should be fired.
While 70+% of Americans support immigration reform, which is a tad broad, it has not hit double digits in terms of importance. This seems to show Gutiérrez's rhetoric is not supported by facts.
Only to a progressive could ACA be considered competition. The "standards" are one of the many problems with the law.
I know you can sure as heck be prosecuted in the military for following illegal orders!!!
Kind of like giving everyone a ribbon, it would be funny if it wasn't ruining our country!!
Was that blueprint passed??
What was the headline??
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