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Looks to me like Barnabas from the old Dark Shadows
When will these dim bulbs finally figure out they are the extremists far a foul of our Constitution and the Tea Party are the moderates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
It has begun!
It amazes me how ignorant this "educated" "woman" is!!
He has not gotten to the bottom of any of the other scandals his underlings have perpetrated on this country under his "leadership", so I have absolutely no confidence he will do so now!!!
As a matter of fact those meetings are a mandatory part of any articles of incorporation for private business in order for the Booberment to allow you to incorporate. Funny how it is not mandatory for Obama's administration.
Corbett, I truly understand your position but please answer one question. Are you willing to give the seat to someone truly pro-murder and all of the other liberal ideals along with that?
Corbett, Do you belive Dr. Wehby would do the same? "She means that she will do EVERYTHING in her power to see to it that the murder of babies goes unabated"
Do you think that Mrs. Wehby holds all of the same positions that Pelosi does? I beleive that would no be the case. Wisdom is a virtue!
You are assuming that Pelosi is actually pro-life. I would say that she is lying like she does in so many other areas. Would you say that Nancy has a habit of not fighting for what she believes?
Corbett, I do not believe for one second that Pelosi has a pro-life bone in her body. She uses the Church as cover!!
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