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A Rear 'View': Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Decade of Conservative Courage

Jims Jab Wrote: Jul 14, 2013 1:55 PM
She will be a great addition to Fox. If the View wants to maintain any level of viewership they will need another conservative, unless they can find a good looking progressive, which is no small task.

She had to suffer through grueling obstacles courses, battle some annoying mosquitoes and endure a bit of backstabbing from her tribe. Oh yeah – and she was also on Survivor. The fact that Elisabeth Hasselbeck lived on a deserted island for 31 days perhaps explains why the conservative mother was prepared for the nine years she spent co-hosting The (Liberal) View.

Hasselbeck thrives on challenges. She knew that when she auditioned for Season Two of Survivor in 2001, Survivor: Australian Outback, and played a smart enough game to reach the final four. She also must have known her own strength...