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Obama expects some soldiers to contract ebola or at least have them fear they will I believe this is part of his effort to transform America.
More gun tracking? Just another misrepresentation by another lying cheating politician. How many honest federal politicians do we have? Twenty? Fifty? Can 'Fidel Obama' tell the truth? Can Harry Reid tell the truth? How about Pelosi? All factors considered who are the richest; politicians or small business people? This is a no brainer but we can count on liar MSM to misrepresent this too. I hope Time goes under as well as the NYTs and WaPo. The trash 'Fidel Obama' said if he did not cut the deficit in half during his first term that he would be a one term president. The trash Obama said Affordable Health Care would reduce on average health care costs by about $2,500 a year. Does anyone still believe this? Those on food stamps
Does 'Fidel Obama' understand the concept of truth? I don't think so.
Colin Powell is a middle of the road coward. Can he spell manhood?
Don't know if this factual or not. How many millions of other people's money has 'Fidel Obama' spent on his vacations? $100,000,000 million, much more? Never tell the truth. This is America.
Ed Schultz is just another lying leftist. He will retire wealthy. Hope he moves to Cuba where he and 'Fidel Obama' can live the life they deserve. Ho, Ho, ho.
Government employees now have a huge income advantage over private employees. Variations of this is how almost all corrupt societies began. Hail 'Fidel Obama.'
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Obama to Use Executive Order on Gun Control

JimS2 Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 3:28 AM
'Fidel Obama' will win and will destroy what is left of the Constitution. The MSM is anti-America as are most of the education systems, almost all politicians and the judiciary.
'Illegal' possession of an empty magazine is pure c***. This country is a pile of c***, mostly led by government and the dishonest and in onsistent DOJ led by trash such as 'Fidel Obama' and the trash Holder. I would bet a small amount of money that most or all of the shooters were on the same or similar 'medication.' And likely played similar video 'games' of death without consequences. Politicians are reluctant to attack Hollywood because they fund politicians.
WaPo is just a modern arm of Hitler's press. They despise 'freedom' not controlled them.
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