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And Now, A Word From Marco Rubio

JimP5 Wrote: Jun 27, 2013 4:18 PM
“… many conservatives don't necessarily doubt that we'll eventually see thousands of new border agents, and 700 miles of fencing somewhere along the southern border, and new technology deployed to monitor illegal entry points, and some form of E-Verify, and a revamped entry-exit visa system.” What? Who are the "many" fools who "don't necessarily doubt"? They must live inside the beltway. Rational people KNOW they will never do this stuff in a way to clamp down on the illegals.

Sensing the wounds of betrayal beginning to fester among many within the conservative base -- his biggest fans and strongest advocates over the last three years -- Sen. Marco Rubio has personally penned a "Dear Friends" letter to try to assuage their concerns about both his intentions and the contents of the bill he helped craft.  Rubio calls the immigration reform effort "a real trial" for him, expressing regret that many of his natural allies are furious with him for his role in the 'Gang of Eight.'  The full letter is available HERE.  A few excerpts, via NRO: