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Michelle Obama Lectures Gold Medal Gymnast About Eating One Egg McMuffin

JimP5 Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 2:27 PM
If M.O.'s food agenda were not politically controversial it might have been just a good humored joke. Given the reality, which is that M.O., Bloomberg and others want to control what American's eat, among other things they seek to control, it was not funny. That Leno may have set it up for M.O. just shows him to be a hack leftist himself for doing it-if he did. There is nothing humorous about the level of control the Obama's and Democrat party want to have over our entire lives. Presenting it in a warm and fuzzy, 'Mother Knows Best', staged manner does not make it any less crass or authoritarian. They successfully fooled you, but not most of us.

Gymnast Gabby Douglas, as Jay Leno mentions in the following clip, worked her entire life to become an Olympic gold medalist, but did that stop Michelle Obama from scolding Douglas on national television for eating an Egg McMuffin to celebrate? (hint: no)


The only medal Michelle Obama will ever see is her husband's Nobel Peace Prize, and unlike Douglas with her gold medal, Barack Obama didn't earn that.