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Amen. Huck missed his chance, deservedly IMO. It's time to move on from ALL the former candidates for POTUS. His ego is even more out of whack than the normal POTUS candidate to be considering another run. He'll just divide people and confuse voters with his down home pseudo-religious statist ideas in a primary season. He's not needed or wanted and will only weaken the GOP IMHO. Stay home Huck.
Yeah, OK, ObamaCare is total BS etc. etc. but check out those cool bi-color glasses Kathy has. Let's focus on style, not substance. We conservatives are such a bunch of boring bean counter types. Get hip! You get bi-color specs with ObamaCare. That's reason enough to be for it....right?
Very true. I've never been one who believed he was a diabolical mastermind manipulating everything as part of his plan to destroy our system like some conservative talkers. He always struck me as a true believer in socialism- who also wanted to punish and change America, but who didn't realize all the negative impacts of what he was doing. Additionally it has become apparent he has no clue how to manage anything. Whatever the real reason at least we are getting some deserved schadenfreude out of it all.
Is it certain the calendar is not a fake? It defies belief that he could be quite this detached/ incompetent.
The sounds like an oblique establishment GOP rationalization for the GOP loss in VA and exoneration of the establishments blame in said loss, and another, yet indirect, critique of a conservative candidate/conservatism. After years of hearing how much money matters, now we read that it doesn't matter all that much, it's the candidates fault. Disinformation going on here. Cuccinelli won the Millennial vote by a good margin, he lost the blockheaded Libertarian vote (not all Libertarians are blockheads, just the ones who voted for their guy in VA's recent election). These 'L's voted for a obviously phony Libertarian funded by socialist billionaires. The VA establishment GOP did not back Cuccinelli in ways other than money. The Sandra Flukes in Northern Virginia went heavy for McAuliffe- surprise. More money would have helped Cuccinelli, without question. Cuccinelli ads were invisible in my part of VA but McAuliffe's were everywhere, all the time. But it was the candidate's fault, not a lack of money. Yeah, sure.
And that Libertarian candidate will be funded by leftist billionaires and the candidate him/her self will hold completely unlibertarian positions like government tracking devices in everyone's car etc. That will not stop the Libertarian blockheads from voting for whomever has the 'L' after their name. [Not all Libertarians are blockheads, but all the ones who voted for their guy in Virginia's recent election were definitely in that category.]
Angry much? Cucinnelli, the alleged ultra right wing conservative misogynist reactionary actually won the Millennial vote over Gov. Sleaze. Not all Virginians are low info. The Sandra Fluke's who live in Northern Virginia, work for the government and moved here from up north gave McCauliffe the win. Blame them.
Thanks for the invite, Jeff. I request you revise the invitation and extend it only to native Virginians born outside of Northern Virginia. The reason Governor Sleaze won is because of all the Yankees who have moved here- especially since Obama got into office- and they are the reason McCauliffe won.
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Gulp: Nancy Pelosi Clueless About ObamaCare

JimP5 Wrote: Nov 17, 2013 6:05 PM
I think she's faking cluelessness. I'm with 'boats48', she's very dangerous, but then ALL Democrats are. They are and have been for 40 odd years either closet communists or corrupt, self serving opportunists with no loyalty to the Constitution.
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Polls: Young Voters Turn on Obama

JimP5 Wrote: Nov 15, 2013 4:51 PM
Joyful news. The millennials will be scarred permanently by all this. They were idealists. Their vote was historic in nature as well as a break from politics as usual. And now they know they were lied to from the beginning by a guy who is a power mad POS is trying to condemn them to an Eastern block existence for the rest of their lives. Look for the Libertarian party to increase in large numbers. Citizens who going forward will be forever suspicious of the government. That's a good thing.
Nails in the Tea Party coffin? Dinosaurs? Cuccinelli would have won if there were no Libertarian candidate even after being out funded by as much as 10-1. No one outside the Northern Virginia (populated with government employees) cared about the government 'shutdown', and they all knew they'd get paid once their minvacations were over. They've been there done that many times before. Married women voted for Cuccinelli by a margin of 9%. It was the Sandra Flukes in NOVA who gave McCauliffe the victory. But he only got 47% of the vote. So, NO, the Tea Party isn't dead or dying and Christie isn't the future if the GOP wants to actually win elections.
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