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Come on! You know exactly the point I was making. I wasn't arguing for, or agreeing with reparations and you know it. Sheesh.
Correction: 'The Yanks owe plenty IN reparations, if reparations ...'
Respectfully, you forgot to mention that the American slave trading ships were ALL owned by Northerners, not Southerners. Also, many Northern fortunes were made from the slave produced products of the South, and too the North had slavery and when the North ended slavery in their states they sold virtually all of the slaves they owned [the ones that they actually got rid of that is] to Southern slave owners. The Yanks owe plenty if reparations if there is going to be any cash paid out.
OK. Fair enough.
Come on people. We all already knew this. Cuomo is just going on the record with it. Your typical NYer is well known for being a bigot/hater. If you are a conservative, a Christian, a white Southerner.... the typical NYer hates your freakin' guts with a passion because you are so intolerant- in their minds. If you fall into one of those groups you are like Jews to the Nazis. It's ALL your fault (no matter what 'it' is, it's on you/us) and when the 'Progressives' get enough control they have a final solution that they WILL implement. Believe it.
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Crime Study Debunks Mass Shooting Myths

JimP5 Wrote: Jan 14, 2014 9:36 PM
It's true that armed security at public schools will not protect "every single one" of the students. In other words, armed security is not a guarantee that NO student will ever be killed or wounded SHOULD an armed maniac attack a school. Armed security does act as a deterrent however, and IF an armed maniac attacks a school having an armed officer will reduce the number of casualties. How many private schools with armed security have been attacked by these maniacs? Do we just not hear about those schools or are they effectively protected by armed security? It seems to me that the researches aren't as unbiased as their data indicates because their phrasing sounds like spin that anyone not paying close attention will hear as 'armed security in schools doesn't work.'
Respectfully, I disagree. Book or no book, Tapper does not get it. He wouldn't be prattling on about senselessness and hopelessness in person to a warrior if he actually did get it. As I said, he's a Beta from inside the beltway(ITB). He may be a better ITB Beta than the rest, but that still is lower than whale $#!TT on the bottom of the ocean.
Tapper doesn't understand Luttrell or other warriors because Tapper is a Beta male. Hence the 'senseless, hopelessness' BS. What makes it even harder for Tapper to get is that Tapper is an inside the beltway Beta male, which is just about as low as you can get as a male. (Note I didn't say 'man', intentionally.) Seals are the ultimate Alpha males: courageous protectors, willing to sacrifice themselves to protect others. Proof of what I say about Tapper is that he obviously isn't even aware that there is a Warrior Code. It used to be that Betas at least knew of the code even though they didn't have the b@!!s to become warriors themselves. At least Tapper wet his pants when Luttrell gave him 'the look'. Betas still know the look and what it means. You dodged one (@$$ whipping), Tapper. Better not do anymore interviews with warriors. I'm ROTFL at Tappers Depends moment.
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The "New Civility" -- Obama Style

JimP5 Wrote: Dec 19, 2013 12:24 PM
Podesta looks like one of Hitler's Final Solution Nazi war criminal eugenics officers. Creep factor on this guy is off the charts.
Amen. Huck missed his chance, deservedly IMO. It's time to move on from ALL the former candidates for POTUS. His ego is even more out of whack than the normal POTUS candidate to be considering another run. He'll just divide people and confuse voters with his down home pseudo-religious statist ideas in a primary season. He's not needed or wanted and will only weaken the GOP IMHO. Stay home Huck.
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