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10 Takeaways From The Senate Immigration Fiasco

JimofCT Wrote: Jun 30, 2013 10:21 AM
Until there are politicians in Congress who are unwilling to allow the "progressive" agenda dictate what is being done to grow government control of the "entitlement " based "distribution of wealth" there is little hope of curtailing the march to legalizing invading illegal immigrants. Democrats see these illegals as voters who will not have a constitutional mindset but will vote to obtain the benefits promised by the "progressive" programs of support by taxpayers for under achieving "entitlement benefit recipients". Worse there is clear intentional action to ensure the border remains porous so more can join the legions already here when they are legalized. Lies from political leaders is so prevalent these days that the only possible approach is to remove the incumbent congress office holders and elect people who are not members of the traditional party structure. Today that is the Tea Party type and other Constitutionally conservative activists who are denigrated by the main stream media and Democrat and (Rino) Republican politicians. The cities and states already lost to the Progressives due to dominance by majority voters from the "entitlement recipient" ranks will continue to pull down the society they control and the whole country is quickly being pushed into the same bankruptcy normal that is increasingly prevalent in those "progressive" political venues. Immigration reform is a very deceptive title for legislation that is more properly identified as ignoring illegals actions to the detriment of citizens and all taxpayers of the USA and allowing the rule of law to be denied and rewarded. Shame on the Senate and God help us if the House majority does not prevent this travesty. At least since ObamaCare was pushed through by a Democratic majority there is some small hope the Republicans in the House will not cave to the Progressives and their main stream media propaganda machine.