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GOP Political Insane Asylum

JimofCT Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 7:29 AM
This is of course the conly hope for the future of the Republican Party. However, it is very difficult to believe we are going to remove the pervasive influence of the incumbent RINO lleadership of this "good old boys network" without extensive effort. Teaparty candidates at the grass roots level must emerge for local offices and new candidates for Federal House and Senate offices. Ignore Washigton for potential Presidential Candidates. Look to Republican Governors who must get themselve front and centet in the media resisting Obamacare and the advance of all of Obama's radical agenda. Regulatory action must be top priority for industry associations to lead opposition of radical decisions being imposed by radical appointees.

In the end, it was another Democratic Party rout.  On Election Day, President Obama defeated Mitt Romney by over three million popular votes and 126 electoral votes.

The President won every battleground state except one and ushered in to Congress two more Democrats in the Senate and at least seven more in the House. While Obama recorded seven million fewer votes than in 2008, Romney was one million votes shy of reaching John McCain’s losing total.

Although it was not a landslide, it was nowhere near the nail biter that many GOP pundits and consultants...