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Conservatives Should Take the Lead Against Government Injustice

JimofCT Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 11:27 AM
What a great idea! A cable station like Fox might be well advised to start a new channel that is devoted to the reporting of the dumbest and most damaging actions cof Federqal agency actions. The number of regulations passed without public hearings (reportedly more than 1/3) is a disgraceful indication of the disrespect the government has for its citizens. Further, there are probably far more eggregious actions taken to "enforce regulations" than anyone would think is possible. I believe it is very likely a tv presentation devoted to reporting of eggregious acts would result in further action to eliminate the power to continue doing such things.

If you think a twenty-something ought to be tossed in federal prison for 35 years because he tried to download some musty academic journal articles without permission, you are a lot things, but a conservative is not one of them.

You might be relieved to know that Aaron Swartz, one of the internet geniuses behind RSS and, will not be imprisoned for a third of a century. Unfortunately, that’s because the fragile young man hanged himself after the United States attorney prosecuting the case generously offered him the alternative of pleading guilty to a felony, paying a crippling fine...