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Nancy Pilosi as Speaker of the House openly admitted that the legislators and the people had to Pass the bill that became ACA (Obamcare) to learn what was in it. To get it passed this administration of the President who was not subject to the requirement to be " A NATURAL BORN" CITIZEN OF THE USA". The fact those words were excluded in THE DOCUMENT PILOSI PREPARED AS THE SPEAKER STRONGLY SUGGESTS TO ME SHE WAS WELL AWARE HE WAS NOT QUALIFIED AS DEFINED IN THE CONSTITUTION. iT IS THEREFORE NOT A SURPRISE THAT pILOSI WOULD DECRY THE ACTION OF THE CURRENT MAJORITY IN THE HOUSE TO "SUE" THE UNQUALIFIED PRESIDENT SHE ASSISTED GET INTO HIS OFFICE BECAUSE HIS ADMINISTRATION AND HE ARE CONSISTENTLY VIOLATING THE SEPARATION OF POWERS DEFINED IN THE CONSTITUTION IN ORDER TO PROTECT THE RADICAL LEFT'S AGENDA. Recent comments Pilosi made which indicate the support for the Illegal immigration invasion encouraged by the unconstitrutional executive actions that violate existing immigration laws and disregard the separation of powers that clearly indicate the President is obligated to enforce legislation that has been passed by the people's legislators and signed as law by previous Presidents. Nowhere can it be concluded that the Constitution approves of the Executive deciding to ignore the laws or change the laws he does not approve unilaterally at his discretion. Since there seems to be his intended approach to continue to act "without Congressional legislative action" the House will be well advised to go directly to the 3rd co-equal branch to jointly indicate to this President that he is "ABUSING EXECUTIVE POWER". The Supreme Court has already concluded and ruled ing that a number of this President's actions were Unconstitutional. FRANKLY, I believe it makes much more sense to rely on the Courts doing their job according to the Constitution than it would be to expect the majority in the Senate as presently constituted to hold an unbiased "Impeachment Trial".
The legislators did not bother to read this bill that was written by leftist staff and jammed through Congress without allowing any serious consideration of its consequences. The Supreme Court has bailed the law out once by arbitrarily ruling the Penalty it imposed was a tax. To expect them to again bail out this terrible law by accepting the argument that "established by the State meant the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS TOO MUCH OF A LEAP. Further, the Court will at some point still be faced with the Question as to how a bill raised in the Senate can be a Taxing ( i.e. revenue generating) bill that must be raised in the House according to our Constitution. To argue that the Senate can merely strip out the contents of an entire House passed Bill and rewrite an entirely different and new bill and then claim it was"raised in the House" rewrites the Constitution's intent surer than hell. This whole ACA (OBAMACARE) history is replete with instances and examples of disgraceful deceit, bribery for votes and outright lies as to what it would impose and require of American businesses and citizens .I don't believe America has experienced anything quite like it ever before. Continuing to allow it to exist is a disservice to
USW State Department is another of the Executive Branch Departments with a Cabinet Member at its head who is a n Obama appointee and unwilling to abide by the Oath of Office they take. It is a disgrace to realize how little is being done to save this poor woman . Her Husband is a US citizen who is being ignored by the State Department apparatchiks Why is this possible? This is clearly an issue that cries out for a strong action to resolve. If necessary take control of this family by force and escort them to our Embassy and then to the USA. Make it very clear to the government holding her captive in their country we will no longer tolerate the abuse they have been imposing on this family and if any further actions are taken by them there will be significant retaliatory consequences. Since when do American citizens such as her husband find themselves deserted by our "diplomats" overseas.
Senator Cochran should seriously consider withdrawing as his reputation will only go further into the sewer as the information continues to come forward as to the extent of the actions his campaign took to defeat the challenge of the candidate who defeated him in the initial election. The Mississippi run off was a classic example of political corruption, deceit and the dishonesty of politicians who are so power hungry as to do anything - lawful or unlawful - to continue in office. The "Republican Establishment" should be unable to continue to abuse the base of the party by ignoring the dissatisfaction with their "go along to get along" listless opposition to the radical leftist administration of Obama. The Republican party ashould turn the power within itself to the State Governors who are demonstrating how the government can be more effective when run on conservative principles. Aside from the large population centers where "entitlement" programs and other leftist programs provide a voting majority for democrats this country remains primarily conservative. Unfortunately far too many eligible voters do not exercise their right as a citizen to vote and thereby allow the radical leftist organized minority to achieve more election victories than they should. Rino assistance should be intolerable to the voters who are the base of the conservative nation and incumbent Rino officials should be defeated every bit as much as the incumbent democrats.
If 1/2 of the information about the actions of the Executive branch Cabinet department's "relocation services " public request for services" and subsequent assistance being provided to accomplish its "critical mission" to accept and relocate the illegally invading unaccompanied " Children" coming across our intentionally unprotected border as invited by Obama himself we are so in need of a dramatic action to restore the "Separation of Powers" requirement that the Executive branch "faithfully enforce the laws" . The blatant "TRANSFORM AMERICA" being evidenced in the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION" crisis is so obvious it is unbelievable that the main stream media still refuses to accept that Obama is guilty of an "Abuse of Power". Sooner or later the American citizens must reject what they are now and will in the future be bearing as unsustainable cost burdens to fund the ideologically radical agenda that Obama seeks to establish as the future of America. The elections of 2014 and 2016 may be the last chance if illegal immigration, relocation programs and amnesty succeeds and leads to massive additions to radical democrat voting roles. .
The President is again preparing to violate his Oath of Office and "legislate by Executive Order" and/or refuse to enforce existing law. "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS" violate the laws and our executive branch administration refuses to follow the laws in response. The House must sue to bring the "Separation of Powers" issue to a head. The Supreme Court may yet have an opportunity to preserve the Constitutional co-equal concept of our Federal government. Unfortunately, we must wait and watch as the "Abuse of Power" by Obama's administration and its widespread "CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS and our Constitutional freedoms and requirements continues. The elections of 2014 and 2016 are the tru8e determinants as to whether the "TRANSFORM AMERICA" agenda can be stopped and a restoration of traditional Constitutional principles can be accomplished for our federal government. Regardless of the steps supposedly being prepared by the House, the American voting citizens must resolve this challenge to our way of political life, our economic and individual freedoms and the rules of law we will "protect and defend". Ignoring the illegal actions of the invading and very costly "Illegal Immigrants" and the increasingly unsustainable growth of this invasion which will only be magnified by "amnesty" and further reduce the rights and freedoms of existing citizens. Sadly, Obama's agenda does not consider that our tax paying citizens rights and freedoms have priority in his ideology and its plan for America.
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Is the IRS Lying?

JimofCT Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 7:17 AM
There is an old saying - "where there is smoke there is fire!" In the Obama administration the lies are so prevalent it is hard to believe there is any honesty among them. The President and his Cabinet Secretaries all seem to be determined to do whatever their agenda calls for regardless of whether there is law or Constitutional authority to do so. Until the abuse of power is addressed it will continue. If elections of 2014 and 2016 do not remove the radical leftist "progressives" and "Rino Republicans" - that are allowing this to go on - we will be going down hill faster and faster. America's eligible citizen voters have been so complacent and uninvolved that the activist radicals have been able to take control and abuse the power they gain in establishing government control of economic and social life to the detriment of individual an private enterprise freedoms. The "TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA" agenda is marching forward and the lies and deceptions of Obama's administration are making it possible.
Perhaps a term such as "INVADERS" or "Parasites" or Moochers or Sponges" all of which are characteristic of those who illegally come to the USA to take advantage of the taxpaying citizens and are welcomed by leftist politicians who see the potential for future votes to perpetuate their agenda.
If the white house hadD "NOTHING TO DO WITH "fAST AND FURIOUS" HOW CAN THERE BE PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATION ON THAT ISSUE OR SUBJECT? This judge seems to have her head on straight , however, it is always interesting to see tyhe individuals appointed by Obama find ways to speak on subjects one way and act in the opposite manner to cover the administrations behavior. We will have to wait and see if the actions speak louder than the words here! we can hope!
There are still those who are claiming Obama intends to seek a 3rd term. Obviously, he will need to get a modification of the term limitation to allow that to happen, but I have heard it said that the power to do so may be achieved by declaring a state of emergency and I wouldn't expect anything to be out of the question when it comes to Obama. If he thinks he can get away with it, and he wants a third term, he is likely to say and do just about anything. Even more scary is the likelihood that the main stream media will be all for anything he might try. Therefore, The House Select Committee and the Speaker of the House had better be serious about Congressional Oversight of the Executive branch abuse of power. An impeachment proceeding may be necessary to get the American people to pay enough attention to prevent this possibility from being attempted.
Obama's ACA is the liar in chiefs supreme legacy accomplishment. He lied to get positive opinion that would support its passage among the "Progressive" democrats that passed it. However, none of the Congress persons who voted to pass it and find out what was in it - a la Speaker Pilosi at the time - were aware of the terrible holes he would have to unilaterally change without bothering to go back to Congress. Besides the bribes needed to get some of the votes that passed it we are now finding that implementation is being challenged by additional lies that are needed to cover the costs that are too great for those it was intended to benefit. Because the law itself was not anticipating that 34 states would not implement the exchanges that it authorized to give subsidies to them many who signed up will not be able to get the subsidy promised if the Supreme Court determines that the law clearly requires a state established exchange is necessary for a subsidy to be paid not withstanding the executive department arbitrarily determining the federal exchange is also authorized to do so regardless of the clear and explicit legislative proscription. After all Obama administration leaders consider the law is whatever they want it to be! They may yet find themselves with an unconstitutional decision regarding this miserable and damaging legislation made worse by the illegal implementation actions of this administration.
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