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Sadly, some people still think Obama is just making a mistake. He is instead doing exactly what he intends. He is sending the military on a mission they can not accomplish. Everything he has initiated in his Mideastern foreign policy and the military actions and support efforts he has authorized have reduced the influence of the USA and further destabilized an already fragile region. Further, Eastern Europe, particularly Poland has also been adversely treated by Obama policy decisions: and of course the Ukraine will undoubtedly continue to be damaged by the lack of any strong support against Russia's pressure. Obama also has not acted to maintain the strong influence and protection of the USA to our Allies and has allowed violence to advance the influence of Radical Islamist Jihad around the world and the RUSSIAN AND CHINESE AND NORTH KOREAN AND IRANIAN actions that have destabilized other areas and advanced considerable anti USA activity.
He most certainly will! The main stream media propaganda machine will not allow the truth to prevail over Mr. Obama's lies or at best lets call it spin!. Sadly we have a President who is as radical as it can get with respect to telling the truth. Anything that will advance his agenda to "TRANSFORM AMERICA" is what will be said and done. The truthfulness of "THE WHAT, WHY, AND HOW" will not be important. His only concern is can it or will it work. Foreign policy and security have been dismal failures from his first day in office. Unbelievably, he has always been a radical leftist and has lied constantly since coming on to the political scene as an anti Iraq war speech maker! The media has never allowed the truth about his political ideology or his agenda or the results of his initiatives to be reported and has covered up all criticism by slanderously attacking the critics.
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The Environmental Corruption Agency

JimofCT Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 7:43 AM
Ms. Malkin is constantly pointing out the abuse of the Executive Branch Cabinet level Agency leadership and the "progressives " throughout government and the main stream media. It is shameful that complacent voting eligible complacent citizens allow this corruption of American traditional concepts of law, free enterprise economy and individual freedoms by sitting on the sidelines and do not even bother to pay any attention at all to what is happening to our political and economic reality all around them.
Obama and Holder are quite a team. But we must not notice the policy and programs and actions we are opposed to as being questionable for the Office they hold. Instead we must be cognizant that as black men they will use the race card to distract from any opposition presented and ignore it rather than acknowledge the merits of criticism or to change the course they are leading in the radical progressive "TRANSFORM AMERICA" agenda.
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Lawsuits and Impeachment

JimofCT Wrote: Jul 15, 2014 9:02 AM
I completely agree with Mr. Sowell's prediction about the likely failing outcome of either a suit or an "IMPEACHMENT" indictment from the House. However, I disagree entirely that the fact that the Courts or the Senate will ignore the merits of the charges that should most certainly be made will result in "egg on the Republican's faces". Rather, I believe very strongly that an Impeachment document which must result in a Senate trial regardless of the predictable outcome will force all Americans to pay attention to those charges. Any Republican candidate will have a formal documentation of the charges to use as a campaign issue. ALL DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES IS IN SUPPORT OF THE OBAMA DEFENSE WILL BE FORCED TO EXPLAIN AND DEFEND THEMSELVES. I AM CONFIDENT THAT IS A POSITION OF STRENGTH. I t is an unfortunate fact of political reality and life today that opposition to Obama's abuse of power will get little attention from the "Biased and "Propaganda" Like Main Stream Media. There are very few Tom Sowell like journalists or authors presenting accurate information about Obama administration policy and actions that are abusive and deserving of "IMPEACHMENT". Consequently, it is very difficult for opposition to overcome the kind of abuse demonstrated recently - in Mississippi - and by the constant and continuing Executive Branch abuse that is being allowed to go on without serious challenge. The following list is formidable and sadly not likely to be the focus of attention if not forced by an "Impeachment indictment". This list includes: Fast and furious, Contempt of Congress, AP and tv network reporter surveillance, IRS abuses of "Conservative" individuals and organizations constitutional rights, Lybian military actions and support of Egyptian and Syrian radicals without Congressional authorization, Failure to protect defend Bengazi victims and then cover up of the incident to avoid truthful cause and the consequences facts that would have politically negative impact on Obama's reelection and instead presenting deceptive misinformation and refusing to cooperate with the House investigation of the facts, and also generally refusing to cooperate in other House investigations and in other instances modifying existing laws unilaterally or using their Cabinet Department initiatives and regulations to accomplish what Obama's administration knows it can not get passed by the Legislative Branch.
Unbelievable yet, hopefully , this is only so he can be watched very carefully without having to immediately initiate pressing charges as his fellow soldiers would recommend.
As a Connecticut citizen I am not at all happy that the State has established an Exchange. The Obama care travesty is a clear example of the blind allegiance of Democrats. THEY LIED AND BRIBED AND FORCED THROUGH PASSAGE OF THIS BILL INTO LAW WITHOUT EVEN MEETING THE BASIC REQUIREMENT TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THE IMPLICATIONS AND CONSEQUENCES OF THE BILL THEY VOTED TO PASS. It is so clearly subject to challenge on its unconstitutionality from so many perspectives that anyone who is forced to rely upon it and has lost a medical plan because it was invalidated by the mandates imposed by it will I believe ultimately find themselves needing to scramble when it goes away. Whether it is removed by decision of The Supreme Court or a new Congress and President remains to be seen but it should most certainly happen.
I recommend the serious Republican candidates decide early on the Attorney General choice they intend and get agreement from that person and publicize it broadly. I'd strongly recommend ex NYC Mayor Giuliani. I do also think however, that Judge Napolitano is a good choice but he is not as experienced in the political arena..
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Reality of the IRS Scandal

JimofCT Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 9:26 AM
This whole IRS situation is the worst instance of a partisan, intentional Governmental action to abuse citizens by a presidential administration's Executive branch bureaucrats ever in our history. The history of corrupt Dictatorship and Fascist and Communist dominated countries have seen these kinds of governmental actions. However, in the USA where there is supposed to be a Constitutional system of "CHECKS AND BALANCES" and a free press it has not been until Obama that there has been such blatant abuse by the Executive branch and so little effective opposition and counter balance from the legislative and Judicial branches. I am firmly convinced that the radical left "Progressives" in the Democratic Party are as determined as Obama has proclaimed to be to "TRANSFORM AMERICA". It should be easy to accept that these abuses are what they intend to put into place as they advance that agenda. At the heart of their effort is making the Constitutional constraints on governments authority and power and its guarantees of individual freedoms a thing of the past. These are "STATISTS" who are determined to place government's "elite" in charge of the economic and social rule, mandates and values imposed on the population - with no regard at all for the protection of individual (i.e. citizen's) " inalienable, god given rights of freedom" and 'self government by the people". There should be no doubt that they recognize that religious freedom and freedom of speech and any opposition to government actions is unacceptable and should be stifled by them at all cost in order to continue to advance their radical ideological objectives. Complacent non voting citizens, "Go Along to Get Along" RINO politicians who stand by and do not actively resist their agenda driven abusive actions and the biased propaganda like supporters from the main stream media are indeed contributing and participating in accomplishing their objectives. Until we no longer have good men standing by and doing nothing the abuse will continue and the Constitutional and traditional values of America will be eroded. Citizens must exercise their obligation to govern themselves by voting out of office all who would abuse their rights under the Constitution by their actions or inactions. Let us hope 2014 and 2016 elections see a major voter turn out to demonstrate that it is happening.
Nancy Pilosi as Speaker of the House openly admitted that the legislators and the people had to Pass the bill that became ACA (Obamcare) to learn what was in it. To get it passed this administration of the President who was not subject to the requirement to be " A NATURAL BORN" CITIZEN OF THE USA". The fact those words were excluded in THE DOCUMENT PILOSI PREPARED AS THE SPEAKER STRONGLY SUGGESTS TO ME SHE WAS WELL AWARE HE WAS NOT QUALIFIED AS DEFINED IN THE CONSTITUTION. iT IS THEREFORE NOT A SURPRISE THAT pILOSI WOULD DECRY THE ACTION OF THE CURRENT MAJORITY IN THE HOUSE TO "SUE" THE UNQUALIFIED PRESIDENT SHE ASSISTED GET INTO HIS OFFICE BECAUSE HIS ADMINISTRATION AND HE ARE CONSISTENTLY VIOLATING THE SEPARATION OF POWERS DEFINED IN THE CONSTITUTION IN ORDER TO PROTECT THE RADICAL LEFT'S AGENDA. Recent comments Pilosi made which indicate the support for the Illegal immigration invasion encouraged by the unconstitrutional executive actions that violate existing immigration laws and disregard the separation of powers that clearly indicate the President is obligated to enforce legislation that has been passed by the people's legislators and signed as law by previous Presidents. Nowhere can it be concluded that the Constitution approves of the Executive deciding to ignore the laws or change the laws he does not approve unilaterally at his discretion. Since there seems to be his intended approach to continue to act "without Congressional legislative action" the House will be well advised to go directly to the 3rd co-equal branch to jointly indicate to this President that he is "ABUSING EXECUTIVE POWER". The Supreme Court has already concluded and ruled ing that a number of this President's actions were Unconstitutional. FRANKLY, I believe it makes much more sense to rely on the Courts doing their job according to the Constitution than it would be to expect the majority in the Senate as presently constituted to hold an unbiased "Impeachment Trial".
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