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Reports: Senate Deal to End Shutdown, Raise Debt Limit Taking Shape

Jim Oakland Wrote: Oct 15, 2013 6:46 AM
So McConnell is giving the democrats everything they want again. Good the debt is way too small. Now they get to go on a another spending binge.

Having given Susan Collins a cold back-of-the-hand over the weekend, Harry Reid has reportedly co-opted some of her proposed compromise and has presented it to Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans. A planned 3 pm ET photo-op "meeting" at the White House was abruptly postponed, sending the chattering class into a tizzy. If that inevitably useless meeting has been shelved, might that suggest that actual meaningful progress is taking place? Maybe. What might the general outline of the plan look like? There are a number of conflicting reports flying around, so let's try to get a handle...