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It is no longer just a terrorist group. It is an occupying force controlling western Iraq that has seized billions of dollars from banks and now controls oil wells. It has 2 million a day in oil revenue. It does not even need to fight the Iraqi army, it just gives them money not to fight. We should not have gone into Iraq, but after we did, we needed to keep at least 30,000 troops there to stop this from happening. We can't just let Islamist take over Iraq.
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McCain Calls for More ISIS Airstrikes

Jim Oakland Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 12:02 AM
It is way too late. ISIS has $2 billion and $2 million a day in oil revenue, large quantity of US weapons and controls of western Iraq and that is not going to change without a massive American third war in Iraq. They can just pay the Iraqi troops to join them. The money to train the Iraqi troops was a complete waste. And ISIS can easily come into the USA through the gaping holes in the border and create a vast army of recruits by paying money to people. You morons should never have gone into Iraq and Bush and the current 1diot president should not have left too earlier after the error of starting a war in Iraq. We need to deploy about 50,000 troops in Iraq quickly and that will only hinder them and not stop them. As soon as the error of going to war was made, it was required that the US keep at least 30,000 troops there indefinitely to stop this exact scenario from happening. ISIS has stolen so much money they don't even need to fight anyone in Iraq (except maybe the Kurds), they just give them money.
IF Holder is a racist, then the prosecutor will be non-white. Watch, Holder will pressure the prosecutor out and replace the prosecutor with a non-white person.
It would not be "justice" if the cop was not allowed to tell his side of story without the possibility of clearing himself of wrong doing. I think Holder's goal is retribution, not justice. He will try with all his will to get a black prosecutor to replace the white prosecutor and cause injustice. Hopefully the system can achieve justice against Holder's will. Holder is a racist.
It is amazing that Obama can give guns to Drug Cartel and ISIS, and the IRS can treat conservatives different than liberal and Perry can't even veto funding without getting a mug shot.
So basically as far as you are concerned being conservative is a crime.
"Michael would have wanted no violence. " I don't care what a 290 lbs man that 10 minutes before violently stole cigars at a convenient store would want. I view Michael Brown as a violent criminal based on watching video tape of him in the store bullying a smaller man around and committing a crime knowing he was on camera. The looting and vandalism of the protest show an absolute contempt for the law exactly like what caused Brown to force a cop to shoot him. I don't care what race the people are, a self identifying group of people are deliberately committing crimes and it is totally ridiculous. I would believe the cops side of the story way before a teenager that just got done helping Brown strong arm rob a store that has since been burned down by these thugs. If you are a criminal, then raise both hands over your head so the cops know who to put into jail.
IF Democrats can do this to Perry, why can't Republicans do it to Obama?
Maybe it was terrorist (i.e., ISIS) stealing the Ebola virus to use as a weapon.
The Qur'an directly disagrees with the US Constitution and encourages the overthrow of non-Islamic governments like the USA; But the Bible does not argue against the US Constitution.
Rand Paul lines up really well against Hillary in a long election campaign. Rand Paul actually got a standing ovation at left leaning UC Berkley on issues that Hillary would have problems with: person freedom and government intrusion.
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