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Israel has taken the least amount of land required to defend themselves after being attacked many times. When they give up land, rockets came from that direction. The Palestinians have proven they are not at all interested in peace as long as Israel exists. Our government should not pressure Israel into giving up land required for self defense.
Conservatism is not about popularity. It is about holding firm on moral and financial principles. You have to sell conservatism and create conservatives because it makes sense. That is what Reagan did. Reagan didn't say what people wanted to hear; he said what he wanted them to believe.
I can't imagine living on a planet where Texas is governed by Wendy Davis. That would be strange.
Palin is correct more frequently than Obama, but people say that Obama is smarter. I wonder what criteria they are using to determine that.
News update: Obama is threatening to implement Obamacare in Russia if they do not retreat from Ukraine.
If there were more civilian owned rifles in Ukraine this would be an entirely different situation. They can't defend themselves from a takeover. Only 0.05% of their population own rifles.
That is stupid. People not being served shell fish don't file lawsuits over it.
I can believe this is being called the Anti-Gay bill. GOP never controls the message. Why can't the republicans at least influence the speech a little. It should be called the Business lawsuit defense act and should have other things in it so it does not sound like an attack on civil liberties.
Climate has always changed. The facts over the 17 years disagree with the theory of man-made global warming.
Just amazing. Most of the major networks are left leaning and that is not enough for them. Then look at the actual American people: 20% Liberal 40% conservative 35% moderate 5% undecided.
It won't work. The GOP is too interested in being liked by left of center voters that don't plan on voting for them anyway. Soon the democrats will come up with a focus group created phrase to make what the GOP are doing sound immoral and wrong and then the GOP will coward down and do anything the democrats ask to avoid the criticism.
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