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I completely do not understand why anyone would think that Hillary should be president. Bill enter the presidency during the lowest part the recession. He could not fail. I don't think he was a bad president, just overrated.
Harry Reid is more concerned with how certain private citizens spend their own money than how government spends someone else's money.
It is amazing. Holder is against IDs for voters but not for guns. Won't this disenfranchise minorities that can't get gun IDs?
I no longer use Mozilla Firefox in protest over this. IF everyone stops using it they will feel the pain. They get paid for information by people using their browser. When the user searches google or clicks on an ad google gives them money for it. I just installed IE11 and so far it is much better than I expected.
That accusation was a very bad mistake. Only 27 percent of Americans have received a bachelor's degree or higher. He just insulted the majority of the electorate by saying that.
It is wrong for someone to be pressured out of their job for a political cause that is not related to their work. You can protest by not using Mozilla Firefox.
That is difference is exactly why i wrote "is almost like" It is not like it. It is almost like it. Donating helps get the votes so it is defensively related. Usually donations are not so well known as they were with prop 8. Certainly it surprised him that people found out.
The subject is not even relevant. Someone was pressured out of their job because he made a private donation to a political cause and he did not know it would be made public. It is almost like having to show an employer how you voted in an interview for a job. That is really bad. I have decided to stop using Mozilla Firefox to protest this kind of behavior.
What I am getting at, is that there is a difference in people calling themselves atheists and that the categories are confusing. If you are actively trying to change other people's religious beliefs, that is a religion even if you are trying to convince them that there is no God or hinder other people's religious expression.
dflood wrote:"It's easy for a commander exercising his religion to slip over the line into enforcing his religion on subordinates. " Yes. But also the problem is that anti-theism is a religion too. People make the mistake of calling Atheism a religion. Atheism is no belief. Atheism is not defined as Anti-theism. Anti-theism has a belief that religion should be eliminated. They use the constitution as a means to reduce religion. The "not prohibiting the free exercise thereof" keeps getting omitted on purpose. It does not mean that no one will be offended by the "exercise thereof'." Anti-theists like to be mistaken as Atheists so they can spread their belief when other religions can not in public places. Anti-theism needs to be defined as a religion.
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