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Obama is a globalist going into similar to Clinton and Bush to form a one world government; Obama is pro-Islamist but other than that is very similar to what Bush and Clinton would do. Ron Paul is an American. Iraq war was counter productive to American prosperity and was a waste of lives and money.
Ron Paul would not arm Islamist or support the Muslim Brotherhood .
IF the Assad regime in Syria was overthrown, as the administration wanted, ISIS would have control over Syria. The administration decisions tend to strengthen Islamist.
Biden always accepts the wrong position on each issue and then calls all opposing views absurd.
If God views abortion as murder we are in for some serious judgement. Abortions per year: 1.2 million Number of Americans killed in WW2: 0.41 million
Instead of trying to control businesses that are not yours, why not just lower corporate taxes so they are not the highest of the industrialized world?
Liberals don't like the consequences of their voting but can't see the connection.
When they say justice, they mean they don't want the Cop to get a fair trial.
It is no longer just a terrorist group. It is an occupying force controlling western Iraq that has seized billions of dollars from banks and now controls oil wells. It has 2 million a day in oil revenue. It does not even need to fight the Iraqi army, it just gives them money not to fight. We should not have gone into Iraq, but after we did, we needed to keep at least 30,000 troops there to stop this from happening. We can't just let Islamist take over Iraq.
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McCain Calls for More ISIS Airstrikes

Jim Oakland Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 12:02 AM
It is way too late. ISIS has $2 billion and $2 million a day in oil revenue, large quantity of US weapons and controls of western Iraq and that is not going to change without a massive American third war in Iraq. They can just pay the Iraqi troops to join them. The money to train the Iraqi troops was a complete waste. And ISIS can easily come into the USA through the gaping holes in the border and create a vast army of recruits by paying money to people. You morons should never have gone into Iraq and Bush and the current 1diot president should not have left too earlier after the error of starting a war in Iraq. We need to deploy about 50,000 troops in Iraq quickly and that will only hinder them and not stop them. As soon as the error of going to war was made, it was required that the US keep at least 30,000 troops there indefinitely to stop this exact scenario from happening. ISIS has stolen so much money they don't even need to fight anyone in Iraq (except maybe the Kurds), they just give them money.
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