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It is illegal to use the military against the American people. Arming the police like the military is the same exact thing as using the military against the American people. So the solution is to allow private citizens to own any weapon the police use by definition.
Why does the Social Security Administration need hollow point bullets?
Islamophobia is healthy.
The only thing standing between the American people and tyranny are guns. Rifles are used in less than 3% of homicides. Handguns are used in a lot more, but rifles are rarely used in crimes but are a major deterrent against a future out of control government. Anyone trying to take the rifles away is a tyrant.
Ask the NSA for a copy. They record everything.
When they vote, what information are they using to make their decision?
Be careful what you wish for Cheney. Obama right now virtually has dictatorial powers. He can put any US citizen in jail as long as he wants (NDAA 2012 and 2013). The US military can now be used against the American people if Obama declares a state of emergency (Department of Defense Directive 3015.18). The president can use drones to kill any US citizen on US soil (Eric Holder will not prosecute and NDAA). The president can listen into any conversation on phone without a court order (Patriot Act). As we saw with Fast and Furious, executive orders can stop Congressional investigations from seeing any document the president does not want them to see. NDAA 2014 had a slight roll back of some the intrusions. But efforts to stop indefinite detention of American Citizen in direct violation of the US Constitution failed. What I wrote above is based on what congress members and the administration have said about the laws they passed.
Santa Barbra and Pakistan seem similar. Rodger was killing women because they chose differently than he thought they should too.
He killed 3 people with a knife and 3 people with a gun. He ran two over with his car and then he killed himself.
I don't think anyone is debating that climate changes. I think they are saying that it is unscientific to say that correlation proves causality.
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