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According to the Jerusalem Post, the Black Caucus and a few far left wing Jews, like Jan Schakowsky, are going to walkout on Netanyahu’s address before congress as an insult. GOP should plan on something to stop them like standup and block their way in an non obvious way or have twice as many people enter the room at the same time.
Just how far would you have to lower the standards to convict Officer Wilson when there is ZERO evidence that race had anything to do with it? What is Eric Holder even talking about? He wants to throw people in jail if he suspects they did something because of race.
I am for increasing standards to protect people from criminal liability for defending themselves from black teens. There is no evidence that race had anything to do with Trayvon or Mike Brown shootings at all.
Why is all the big money going to Bush?
I definitely think Rand Paul could win. Rand Paul could say exactly what he really thinks, not compromise his principles, and still steal votes from Hillary because he is more creditable when it comes to individual liberties. Astonishingly, Paul can get a standing ovation at left leaning Berkley and still gain support from conservatives without any BS at all. Big money Bush and Clinton can't convince anyone that they care about individual liberties. They will try to push that idea, but very few will buy it. Clinton is Obama 2.0 and Bush is GW Bush 2.0. Neither could win in a non-fixed election.
Amnesty = more democrats
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President Obama's Redistributionomics

Jim Oakland Wrote: Feb 15, 2015 9:38 AM
It is amazing the wars of 50s and 60s were fought to stop what is now in the white house.
About 200,000 people died during the Crusades over a 200 year span. That is about 1000/year. But about 100,000 Christians die each year as martyrs. What is troubling about all this is that Obama actually said more about attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt after their own people through them out of power. Obama did not say anything, that I know about, regarding the Coptic Christians that the same Muslim Brotherhood were attacking when they were in power in Egypt. How many Christians do you know that bring up the Crusades? Usually that is what Atheists and Muslims bring up, not a Christian especially in the context of someone being burned alive by Islamic extremist just days before.
Obama is a Muslim.
The reason people do not vaccinate their kids is because of a lack of trust. The CDC covers up negative side effects of vaccines. The lies breed mistrust, not ignorance. It is also an extremely bad idea to have a federally mandated and centrally controlled immunization. What if the shot has something wrong with it, and you inject every American with it? Human error causes horrific consequences with vaccines all the time.
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