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Why don't we just cut the internet cable going into North Korea?
I think there is a big difference between harsh interrogations on known terrorists and suspected terrorists. When something that could be considered torture is done on someone that is later found to be innocent, I think that crosses the line especially if that person being tortured is an American citizen and there is no due process. It is a slippery slope. Things like that tend to expand to a larger population if they are tolerated on a small scale. I understand the moral argument about torturing someone to stop a mass killing. I still do not see any reason to publicize the harsh interrogations. Just pass a law quietly that addresses potential abuses and not politicize national security.
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The CIA and Its Torturers

Jim Oakland Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 6:50 AM
I do not think anything was accomplished by releasing the documents to the public. Sen. Dianne Feinstein should have instead just introduced legislation to prevent any future abuses. It just makes the USA look bad, and makes it impossible for us to speak out against torture in the future in other countries.
Racism? Did someone finally find some evidence of racism? I have not seen even an infinitesimal amount of evidence of racism in any of the killings.
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Black Crime and Police Killings

Jim Oakland Wrote: Dec 07, 2014 7:47 AM
I want the article to be correct. But there is more to it. Why did large numbers of blacks group together, self identify as black, and then conclude the reason Wilson shot Brown was because Mike Brown was black? A cop that happened to be white shot a robber that happen to be black. Race was injected into the situation without any evidence and I am very tired of the lies. Those that group themselves together based on skin color and coerce certain behaviors and ideas need to be fully accountable. Blacks are not called out for the racist idea of grouping themselves together and creating an us/them situation at every instance of conflict. Again, there was no evidence that Wilson or Zimmerman shot anyone because the color of their skin. So why are they poster boys for racism? Hmm?
Progressive mixed messages: 1) Give up your guns for the safety of society and the police will protect you. 2) You can't trust the police. Which is it? IF we can't trust the government to protect us, and we have no means of self protection, then who will stop criminals from coming into our houses and killing us?
How can the president spend money without congressional approval?
Nothing says we're not wrong the police are, like burning down buildings.
Very well said Ann. That sums up the situation really well.
IF Obama is doing it is illegal or it should be illegal.
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