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When the Chips Are Down, Go for the Divorce Records, Part III

jimmylynn Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 2:56 AM
I say that if liberals want to get down and personal, publishing and reporting any non-existant scandal of a personal nature....the gloves should be off, the truce broken. Obama would have a lot more skeletons and a lot more to lose if past scandals were churned up.

So today we hear that after meeting privately with President Obama, Gloria Allred is pushing for divorce records in a case where Mitt Romney testified on behalf of one of the parties, and the partisan patsies at The Boston Globe are helping with the dirty work. 

It's funny how sealed divorce records keep coming up whenever Barack Obama is in a contested electoral race.

Part I - The first time it happened was in the Democratic primary for the US Senate in 2004. Oh so conveniently, the public become aware of controversial allegations against Blair Hull -- the man...