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Senator's Office Gone Wild: Sex Offenders, Hookers and Homeland Security

jimmylynn Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 5:20 PM
Isn't there a law against law enforcement officials that are derelict in the performance of their duties?
B.T. Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 5:44 PM
Good point.
Corzine borrowedd&spent about 9Billion$'s on "schools". When the "teachers" got done sucking the State dry. The mess is still around. Then Corzine did what's called "Blowing UP" the MFGlobal desk 2 the tune of 1.6 BILLION$'S. Lautenberg? is he still alive? Menendez? Menendez could have some fun w/a dog on Kennedy Blvd&all the Union City wackos would STILL vote 4 him. Donde esta me Pedro? es Aqui.

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, who allegedly often visits the Dominican Republic to have sex with underpaid hookers at "bunga bunga" style sex parties, employed a sex offender to work as an intern in his office on immigration policy throughout 2012. Zavaleta just so happens to be an illegal immigrant but the Department of Homeland Security instructed ICE agents to postpone deporting him until after Menendez's reelection in November. You just can't make this stuff up.

U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez employed as an unpaid intern in his Senate office an illegal immigrant who was a registered...