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Quite a Turnaround

jimmylynn Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 4:18 AM
w-s, " was Obama's idea to CUT SS taxes by 2.0%..." That's an outrageous lie, and if not then post a legitimate link to validate it. Obama and Congress both let the Payroll Tax rates go back up.
w-smith-84 Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 11:47 AM
Rick, what are YOU talking about?

You need to take a reading comprehension course.

I bet you actually believe your comment contradicts something I wrote. It doesn't. Try reading my comment again - see if you can actually understand it.

Another Town Hall Clown.

Nutters on parade!

w-smith-84 Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 11:44 AM
I will not make any attempt to assuage your ignorance. A 5 second google search will PROVE you the idiot you are.

But you won't - you lack both the intellect and the integrity to acknowledge the truth.

Typical and predictable Town Hall NUTTER response.

What a clown...

Rick676 Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 6:23 AM
Apparently wsmith doesn't understand the term "temporary" in the temporary reduction of SS taxes. We were paying 6.2% in 2010, and had a two year temporary reduction to try to "stimulate" the economy. Now the rates are back to where they were, and thus SS will not go bankrupt quite as soon as it would had we left the rate at 4.2%.

I am NOT a fan of Alex Jones; in my view, it's no accident that lefties like Piers Morgan use him as a way to embarrass conservatives.  But a reader sent me the video below and it is truly astonishing -- on his show, the ObamaPhone Lady recanted her support for the President.  How many more Americans feel the same way?