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Obama--The Black Man's Burden

jimmylynn Wrote: Jul 16, 2012 8:01 AM
Today the NAACP has evolved into the plantation's dasterly overseer. They work to keep the slaves inline. Whether it be Obama or the Democrat party as a whole....they do the bidding of the Master.

Barack Obama was a no-show at the recent 103rd NAACP conference, but, clearly, he is being given a pass by the NAACP leadership. Checking the president's schedule, apparently there was nothing so pressing that he should have been unable to attend the meeting in Texas, but instead, he relegated responsibilities of the annual NAACP meeting to the vice president.

If Barack Obama cannot attend the annual NAACP meeting, in an election year, on a day when he has no other pressing duties, when he has the opportunity to address almost 10,000 attendees, then how can it be a...