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No Time to Give Up in the Fiscal Fight

jimmylynn Wrote: Nov 30, 2012 9:54 AM
Many here are overlooking a problem when suggesting that we should just hand it all over to Obama. Control over economic policy is not what he is after. It is only a means to an end, complete control of our government. Obama usurped powers in his first term. If Republicans completely cave in as a strategy they believe will wake Americans up, Obama will audaciously acquire more power by taking advantage of the Republican position. Geithner's "compromise" taken to Republicans had embedded in it another power grab by Obama. He wants to do away with the limit on deficit spending that must be increased by the House. He wants no restraints on spending to fulfill his goal of throwing our country in anarchy and taking control of it through crisis.

If I keep reading the advice of those who are saying we should give Barack Obama what he wants, let him take the American economy into the quicksand and make him own it, I am going to be tempted to agree.

So I’m going to stop reading such things.

With respect to those who offer that strategy, it is flawed on multiple levels. It may not work, it would confuse people about what conservatism is and what it does, and it would slam the brakes on our most valuable passion right now-- the desire to save what we can...