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Key Fast and Furious Official Leaves Justice Department

jimmylynn Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 9:26 AM
Katie, "Instead of accepting responsibility for his leadership shortcomings, Grindler instead passed the buck to his underlings.... As Christian Adams has said, Grindler also serves as Holder's one degree of separation from the scandal." This does not carry water for me. I agree that Grindler shoulds go, but if he is responsible, so is Holder. Eric Holder is ultimately responsible for the actions of the DOJ. He has failed in that job. If Grindler insulated himself from the actions of his did Holder. Besides, I thought they had found Holder testified under oath denying he knew about the operation when questioned, but emails showed he knew about it earlier. Eric Holder should go!
Anonymous2015 Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 9:07 PM
Subpoena Grindler & others who have left Justice in the wake of F & F,question them,charge with accessory to murder in the death of Terry,offer a deal,their lips will separate & never stop blabbering.

Attorney General Eric Holder's Chief of Staff Gary Grindler has announced his departure from the Department of Justice. Grindler was named as one of the top DOJ officials responsible for the fatal Fast and Furious operation by the DOJ inspector general.

“We determined that Grindler learned on December 17, 2010, of the link between weapons found at the Terry murder scene and Operation Fast and Furious but did not inform the Attorney General about this information. We believe that he should have informed the Attorney General as well as made an appropriate inquiry of ATF or...