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EXCLUSIVE: Red Cross Runs Campaign-Like Ad Featuring Obama

jimmylynn Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 3:36 AM
This President surprises me as to how slimey he can really be. When I think he cannot sink any lower, alas he never let's me down. Obama is using hurricane Sandy as a political tool to shore up his image. Benghazi caused considerable damage to that image. Benghazi has revealed to the blind ones just how narcissistic and cowardly Obama really is. The level of disregard he has for human life, from embryo to warrior citizens as defined by the Benghazi tragedy. Obama trys to repair his image by making speeches and seeding them with words he believes will change that image. Almost every speech now includes phrases like "We have each other’s backs, because despite our differences, we are Americans first...". You can't fix it in a speech Obama.

On Friday night, swing-voters across the nation saw a one-minute advertisement paid for by the Red Cross featuring President Barack Obama.

The ad comes on the weekend before the election, and while the Red Cross does unquestionable good for millions of Americans, the choice to run this ad comes noticeably close to a campaign endorsement for President Obama.

Here’s the transcript from the ad:

When a natural disaster strikes, it can leave tens of thousands of families in need of help, and it can also bring out the best in the American people....