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Coulter: Republicans Should Cave on Tax Hikes Because "We Lost the Election"

jimmylynn Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 4:50 PM
Continued.... If Republicans went over the cliff with Obama, they'd receive the blame for tax rates rising for everyone. Obama would then have them where he wanted them. Obama wants all tax rates to rise without appearing to have raised them himself. Remember his campaign speech that if he were elected he swore middle class taxes would not go up a single dime? I agree with all the following statements except the last one. Democrats will not vote to lower tax rates back to previous levels. When Republicans, thinking their plan was working, passed a bill to lower tax rates back down for the middle class....they would have the naive belief that Democrats would be frantic to follow their lead...."

Hannity to Coulter: "You sound like Obama." Fightin' words:


SH: So are you saying that, for PR purposes, that they should give in to Obama on the tax rate?
AC: Not exactly, I--Well, yeah, I guess I am. 
SH: You're saying capitulate to Obama? We don't have a revenue problem, Ann.
AC: We lost the election, Sean.  

Hannity seems genuinely flummoxed by Coulter's capitulatory attitude, but does she have a point?  Recent polling has been gruesome...