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Confessions of a Bad Woman

jimmylynn Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 2:00 AM
Ms. Charen, I think you are a very, very good woman.......and very attractive to boot. I'd vote for you. Oh, and I'm a huge fan of Jean Kirkpatrick. I was very disappointed that she was not interested in running for President because I was ready to elect her the first woman to be U.S. President. I think the course of our nation may have been very different had we been blessed with her leadership. The woman was super intelligent with common sense, a rare and unusual combination for a man or woman. She served as the first UN Ambassador under Ronald Reagan and did not join the Republican party until after she had resigned that position. She was tough and the most unusual thing about her was that she generated a feeling that America was secure.
I suppose I'm a bad woman -- by today's standards that is. For some reason, I take absolutely no pride in the accomplishments of women per se. I am utterly uninspired by first women astronauts or Secretaries of State. It is of no consequence to me what percentage of the United States Senate or House of Representatives shares my chromosomes. I don't wait with gnawing impatience for America to pass the milestone of needing a fellow to fill the post of First Gentleman.

This is not to say that I resent or disparage female accomplishment. I admire excellence wherever...

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