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Caroline, Roth and Theater J., sounds very similar to Democrats. Truth is subjective to their ideology. Truth is not a virgin thing but corrupted by any and all means to achieve an end. When I was young, truth was a celebrated virtue. Today it seems that it is a device for condemnation and false propoganda.
It's always a blunder and totally irresponsible if the Republican Congress doesn't give them exactly what they want. Maybe more but never any less than what they are demanding is the only proper course to take according to Democrats.
"Carney said a short-term funding bill and debt limit increase are "the very least that Congress could do." Ever notice how Democrats always believe that the most responsible or the very least the Republicans should do is exactly what they want done. Never anything that Republicans want is the least they should do.
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Reminder: Yes, Media Bias Does Exist

jimmylynn Wrote: Oct 12, 2013 10:40 AM
"But one point this way and another, and it would be the Democrats dealing with the "record low" headlines, because in that same Gallup poll that shows the GOP at record lows also shows the Democrat Party just a single point above its own record low of 40%. " Wanna bet? Democrat low ratings, if lower than Republicans would be ignored and covered up by the liberal media. Not a word that Republicans had a higher rating than Democrats would ever be mentioned. Kind of like the vetting process they conducted on Obama. It was more of a sales job than a vetting.
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