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Beware the "Grand Bargain"

jimmylynn Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 12:29 PM
Washington is full of politicians and political operatives that are there to simply soak the taxpayers. One reason that the federal government likes to bring so many state matters under it's jurisdiction is because it gives them more reason and more cover for the trillions of our dollars and debt that they spend. All of their crony money shifting is easier to cover in that sea of money.

Barack Obama really does have a plan for the next four years. When he thought he was speaking off the record to the Des Moines Register the other day, he said he wanted to negotiate a "grand bargain" with the congressional Republicans. It would include spending reductions and tax increases to reduce forecasted federal deficits.

About the same time that the president was giving his interview, more than 80 CEOs of some of the nation’s largest companies were making a similar announcement. To get the country’s fiscal house in order, they said, we need both spending reductions and...