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A Game of Semantics with the President

jimmylynn Wrote: Oct 28, 2012 12:18 PM
Hillary took responsibility in an attempt to quell the questions that were coming at them. This administration knows something it doesn't want any of the American people or Congress to know. That is the reason they sent out Rice to lie on all the weekly political talk shows. They have either done something illegal or just politically motivated and got caught. Personally I think it's the illegal ramifications involved. I think Ambassador Stevens was the US asset involved in supplying Libyan arms to Al-Quaeda operatives. Obama supplied these people with arms to overthrow Gaddafi and now was supplying arms to this same terorist group to overthrow Syria. The scorpion just turned on them and they got stung. It's another Iran-Contra scenerio.

Immediately below, Guy notes Bill Kristol's assessment that the decision not to send help to Benghazi would have been a presidential decision.  That opinion is only reinforced by an interview the President gave a Fox affiliate in Denver: