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Who says Obama Doesn’t Like to Prey?

jimmyjames4 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 1:51 PM
For Obama's fundamental transformation to be succesful, a vibrant economy that creates more jobs would be detrimental, as would a "freer" market approach to helathcare. Having never run a business or meet a payroll, it's obvious Obama is unfamilar with budgeting, balanced or otherwise, besides, the rich are still not paying their fair, ditto the middle-class. The cult of personality, as reported by the propaganda ministers at such elite repositories as the NYTimes, ABC World News and all other non-objective news media, feeds the beast that is Obama's narcissism, hence no time for such basic interests like the Constitution, rule of law, or checks and balances.

President Obama- and yes I only capitalized the “p” in president because it was at the beginning of the sentence…. Anyway, as I was saying, president Obama can be best described as the anti-president. He apparently doesn’t care much for getting things done as long as not doing something doesn’t interfere with neglecting keys areas.

Got it?

Because, there are some areas in which action is absolutely unacceptable to the country’s first Chief Neglectative Officer; and yes, the phrase C.N.O.? I will capitalize it; it’s THAT important.

Freed from responsibilities to the rest of us- since he never has...

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