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The Big O Goes for the Big Zero Again

jimmyjames4 Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 12:21 PM
amost $15 trillion, it is a little disingenous to be fearful of a $44 billion cut (not $85B, which is a lie). Obama's "strategy" is what? Without a budget how can you even have a strategy, a continuing resolution only shields the reality from the voters, which is what Obama's strategy is. His pronouncement that his presidency would be transparent, would follow the rule of law, and would change the way Washington DC would do business is so much hot air, and an outright lie.

As the president resumes his “It’s-not-my-fault” presidency-cum-campaign, I’d like to point out to everyone that it’s been 1,401 days since the Democrat-Controlled Senate passed a budget.

I say this because when the Mayan financial calendar runs out on the country this Friday, we’ll be awash in illegal immigrants, downed airliners, out-of-work teachers, Russian missile strikes, Chinese hackers and Aryan Nation terrorists.

And, oh, come on now: We all know that the only real terrorists the White House is worried about are the white supremacists at places like the Family Research Council.

There’s nothing so dangerous to America today as an...