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Sometimes It’s The Messenger

jimmyjames4 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 1:23 PM
Too many Republicans come down with a case of foot-in-mouth disease, and seem to be easily trapped into making comments on things that later prove to be fatal, election wise. The last presidential election was about the economy, period, but, Republicans fell all over themselves trying to prove their conservative bona fides on controversial subjects that the press and those on the left easily trapped them in, muddling the message.

Infighting continued amongst conservatives and Republicans this week. Karl Rove angered Tea Partiers by implying they don’t know how to pick candidates. Majority Leader Eric Cantor told anyone who would listen Republicans need to learn to craft their message better for a broader audience. Every conservative group and politician is scrambling to find a way to appeal to various groups of Americans in a way that will “work” to win them votes. It reeks of desperation…and it’s nothing new.

After every election loss by Republicans in the last 20 years, the media has declared them dead, particularly the conservative wing of...