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Corporate Tax Crash Created By Dems Lame Duck Act

jimmyjames4 Wrote: Dec 16, 2012 1:33 PM
Admit it, unless government is regulating, subsidizing or taxing it, then what ever escapes the vision of government has just gotta be "evil", most likely the work of Conservatives. As if Democrats were only pure and innocent bystanders to the whole corruption that is our government, which we whole heartedly deserve.

Canetoad wrote: Let's see, Corporate tax receipts as a share of profits are at their lowest rate in forty years. Somethings got to give and it shouldn't be the middle class.- World Begins to Heal with Taxes on Rich January 1st

Dear Comrade Mr. Toad,

Did I ever tell you how much I loved your Wild Ride at Disney when I was a kid?

I really did.

You are on to something here. Of course, you’re liberal and the fact that you have a point is accidental and unintentional.

But you have made an effective case why tax...