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Obama, Race and Affirmative Action: Why the Second Term Will Be Worse (Part I)

Jimmy21 Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 10:30 AM
I was involved in several large state housing projects in Massachusetts back in the late '90's. Through the project architects and the state officials, we worked extremely long and hard to have our product specified. We even worked it in where our product received a "proprietary spec" which means that no approved equal was allowed. Not only did we work with the state officals, architects, but with our loyal suppliers who we typically sold our products to. Because of the criteria outlined in the bidding process, we were required to provide our product for these projects to minority companies. In the building business, the rules are quite simple. A builder purchases materials from a supplier and the credit terms are usually 2% if paid

The accelerated transformation of the American economy and polity into a mandatory racially-based spoils system was a defining trait of President Barack Obama’s first term in office. Though perhaps understated, it is set to become an even more defining trait of his second.

Obama, by various accounts, wants to be more aggressive about suing banks, employers, schools and other institutions whose practices, however unintentionally, adversely affect “disadvantaged” (read: nonwhite) populations. This is the doctrine of “disparate impact.” Attorney General Eric Holder already has used it to extract hundreds of millions of dollars in coerced settlements from Wells Fargo and other...