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When You Find Out You Married Your Sister

jimmi1964 Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 9:06 AM
Agreed... besides this is certainly is not the couples fault. And the concern over the advice columnists comment is misplaced since this is not something that anyone do anything about at this point.

You knew it had to happen sometime. A husband discovers that he and his wife have the same sperm donor father. (Both of them raised by lesbian parents.) That means he married his half-sister, who is now the mother of their three children. What should they do?

Although the story has not, to my knowledge, been verified, it was the subject of a question submitted to Emily Yoffe, author of the Dear Prudence advice column. The husband explained that when he met his wife in college, “the attraction was immediate, and we quickly became inseparable. We had a number of...