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If anything, most Americans are the silent MAJORITY on this subject... pro-gun and pro-second amendment! The feds' trying to outlaw guns will simply create an instant class of "outlaws' who still respect the Constitution and uphold our rights to keep AND BEAR arms and refuse to comply!
Pretty soon she will attach the label 'TERRORISTS" to First amendment supporters speaking their minds and practicing their religions, to Fourth amendment supporters for expecting their homes to be safe from intrusion, to Fourteenth amendment supporters for expecting 'equal protection under the law'... whene will it end??? The Tenth amendment is already all but gone with the Fed's attitudes and actions!
"The Media" had "facts" going back and forth, up and down all day... very poor reporting! The last facts I heard were that he did not have an assault weapon, used a shotgun (not banned and not part of the gun control bills), in a "gun free" city, on a military base restricting possession of firearms. Although he had a CCW Permit, he did not bring a handgun, but "MAY HAVE gotten one" on the base. It was not his weapon(s) that caused the crime, it was him. I hope the rabid liberal gun banners will realize this and just shut up and help the victims in need. Next we know Mz. Finekenstein will be trying to ban shotguns as "mass murder" weapons and hunting rifles as "sniper" rifles.
and remember in this scripture, Jesus was talking to His believers/followers, not all of mankind
There are dozens and dozens of "tendencies" that are in-born and innate. There are others that might develop during our upbringing. But some of those activities and lifestyles are forbidden by God, regardless of our desires. And homosexuality is unacceptable to Him just as much as adultery and fornication, hatred and murder, stealing and even coveting other people's possessions or successes, giving false testimony,... We are all tempted to do these things, but God says NO for our own good, with full understanding that we are tempted at times. Read the book of Romans - Chapter 1 and then decide for yourself what He thinks of homosexual behaviors...
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Obama's Definition of 'Liberty'

JimKosin Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 3:17 PM
And the constitution states in the 10th Amendment that any authority not SPECIFICALLY given to the President or our representatives belong to the states or to the people. So what's with all these Executive Orders flowing from his pen? What's with all the Agencies, Bureaus, Czars and other federal groups which are appointed and directed by the Executive branch, made up of un-elected officials, who hand down new "LAWS" to us disguised as directives and regulations and ridiculous requirements. Time to pull back on the reigns and enforce the Constitution, not redefine and circumvent and bypass it!
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Experts Aren't Deities

JimKosin Wrote: Jan 24, 2013 2:55 PM
Aside from the science conversations... This makes me think of the Hollywood "Stars", producers, directors, and whoever else who might be great at their acting, producing, directing, etc.; but suddenly feel they are also experts in politics, social studies, morality, journalism, education, foreign policy, human rights,... (should I keep going?) just because they have an opinion and public platform. Nuff said...
I think our representatives - Senators & Congressmen, even Governors, State Senators and Representatives, etc. ALL need to start standing up and telling this guy that he CANNOT make the laws of the land just because he wants something; making laws is the job of the Congress. And he CANNOT keep ignoring or dismantling or circumventing the Constitution by his own whims; the Constitution already has provisions to change it legally if we need to. And all of these elected representatives (Republican, Democrat, Independent or whatever) need to start promoting our own legislation... let's just bypass mr O's propaganda and hate speech and lets get some real problems straightened out before he does any more damage.
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