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The Marketplace Fairness Act Will Support Small Businesses

JiminGA Wrote: Apr 28, 2013 9:37 AM
The MFA is simply big business (Walmart, Amazon, NRF members) using government to damage their competition. The retail industry was built on competition and this bill controls competition. The states love it because it allows them to increase taxes and blame it on the federal government. If it passes, look for internet sellers to move offshore, insulating them from US laws, a new forwarding businesses popping up in tax free states.

Republicans in Ohio last week took an important step toward broad tax reform when the state House of Representatives approved an across-the-board reduction in the personal income tax. That tax cut, however, is contingent upon Congress passing legislation that will allow Ohio and other states to have online-only retailers remit state sales tax just like any other business does. The U.S. Senate is now poised to grant states this power via the aptly named Marketplace Fairness Act. This legislation levels the economic playing field by putting small businesses on the same footing as online-only outfits. Conservatives should embrace this needed reform.